Warm-up Exercies

Do you want to learn how to create basic lettering strokes or build up muscle memory? These practice sheets will help to get you started!

If you are already familiar with the basic strokes of hand lettering, these warm-up exercises are useful before starting your lettering project. I usually find that it takes me a few exercises to get comfortable and relaxed with my pen, allowing my strokes to flow better.

Warm-up Exercies

By practicing these basic strokes regularly, you will become more comfortable with your brush pen and how to handle it. Typically, an angle of 45° is ideal, although you will find that your pen will move around a little. Take your time… there’s no need to rush! Working through each exercise slowly will reward you with cleaner, better strokes. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens are great for these practice sheets!


For strokes which curve round at the bottom, start releasing the pressure applied to the downstroke just before you get to the bottom to give you a nicer curve which isn’t to thick.

How To Use Practice Sheets

Print on to smooth, brush pen friendly paper. Make sure you select ‘Fit to Page’. To save printing multiple copies, you could print them out and use smooth tracing paper to ‘trace’ over the strokes.

Download “Warm-up Exercises - Small Brush Pens”

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