Halloween Lettering Designs

Oidhche Shamhna shona dhut!
Happy Halloween to you all!

Yep! The big ol’ spooky day is nearly upon us. Have you got your Halloween costume ready? Nah, me neither. I’ve been too busy having a wee look at what other artists have been creating in celebration of ‘fright night’. Let me share with you 10 Halloween themed lettering designs which have jumped out and shouted ‘BOO!’ at me.

I always love to see what other lettering artists are sharing on Instagram and that’s where I have found these wonderfully themed designs with beautiful lettering, complimented with festive wee illustrations. Fun and cartoony or dark and scary, these designs have their individual styles to get you into that Halloween spirit.

Whether you are reading this post before or after Halloween, these designs are a great source of inspiration to help you with ideas for your future lettering projects.

Please take a moment to click on the names below each photo and take a look at the Instagram profiles of the artists to discover more of their work. You can also find these designs (and more) on my Pinterest boards.

The designs shown above are copyrighted to the individual artists.
If you are interested in their work, you should contact them directly.


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